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Music Quiz: Know Your Library? Hack Resources free Generator for iOS Android

Music Quiz is the quiz game built off of your library. Your music determines how you play and the visual style of the entire app! Just like the original iPod classic, this game challenges your music knowledge as you try and get a new high score. Unlike the old game, this one is always changing. The visual design of the app changes based on what song you have playing! Features: • Different quiz types. Choose between: Song, Artist, Album, or Shuffle. • Different modes: Play a normal round of 10, 20, or even 200, or play survival where one wrong pick ends it all. • Choose what music you play: Don't want to listen to that album your ex gave you? Filter it out! • Jump right into a game with 3D Touch actions! There is now a Lite version of the game with limited features. If your unsure if this is for you, give that one a try before buying this one. Most of my updates and new features come from requests by users like you. If there's a feature you want or something you don't like, leave some feedback and I'll take care of it. Thanks for playing!

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