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Reveal a hidden image in a challenging and addictive puzzle! Solve the fun and interesting logic riddles with simple rules and challenging solutions and get a bit smarter every day while having fun with these nonogram puzzles. Nonogram is a game for all skill levels and all ages. It is a picture cross puzzle where you discover a hidden image marking cells or leaving them blank according to the numbers on the side of the grid. Nonogram is also known as Picross, Pic-a-Pix, Griddlers, and Japanese crossword. Enjoy thousands of nonograms: simple ones to learn how to play, normal to have fun and the biggest and hardest to challenge your mind. We keep on adding new nonogram puzzles every month. Every nonogram has been checked and has only one unique solution. If you like similar brainteasers like logic picture puzzles, you’ll love our nonogram game! ● TONS OF PUZZLES: animals, plants, technic, people, cars, buildings, sport, food, landscapes, transport, music and more! ● DIFFERENT SIZES: from small 10x10 and normal 20x20 to large 90x90 nonograms! ● A MENTAL WORKOUT: exercise your brain! ● GREAT TIME KILLER: will keep you entertained in waiting rooms! ● CLEARLY EXPLAINED: learn how to play easily! ● WELL DESIGNED: it's intuitive and beautiful! ● ENDLESS PLAYING: unlimited number of random nonograms! You will never get bored with these puzzles! ● NO TIME LIMIT: it’s so relaxing! ● NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM: you can play picross offline!

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