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Have fun challenging your friends and family in this hilarious word trivia game. Guess the Gibberish gives you the means to play a real group house party game with lots of laughs and challenges. SIMPLE GAMEPLAY The different colored cards give you a special hint on which of the 4 categories the hidden phrase is. Guess the gibberish, the first team to guess 15 cards correctly is the winner! Only the wittiest & sharpest word guessers will have a perfect winning record in the word trivia multiplayer challenges. Are you one of them? Can you create the best word quiz team? WHY PLAY THE JIBBERISH GAME RIGHT THIS INSTANCE? - Hundreds of popular incoherent phrases to be deciphered within the Gibberish - Guaranteed to get those gears churning - Will have you laughing at how obvious the answer is when you're not on the guessing team with the clock running down - Spend some quality time with your ohana and your buddies - Practice your different accents you've been meaning to show off So what are you waiting for? Let's go guess the gibberish! Download the Guess the Gibberish ??? the super fun multiplayer online word game now for free! ---- Visit for desktop play and more information. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Let us know here: [email protected] Be a social being, follow us! Twitter: @GibberishGame Instagram: @GibberishGame

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