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Moe! Ninja Girls RPG: SHINOBI Hack Jewels free Generator for iOS Android

From the “Moe! Ninja Girls” series that has been downloaded over 4.3 million times, the latest hit game, Moe! Ninja Girls RPG has finally been released! The new “Moe! Ninja Girls RPG” will share the same world as the original game. Enjoy a new type of role-playing game as you go on quests and get to know 15 beautiful heroines! ■ Game Overview Story “I’m through with ninjas!” Once known as the “Legendary Ninja,” you leave your past life behind for... ...beautiful girls, thrilling adventures, and days of dealing with morning lumber?! ■ Features ▶ Enjoy an elaborate story with over 600 chapters. ▶ An intuitive and strategic real-time battle system. ▶ A plethora of animations, pictures, and collectibles. ▶ Spectacular Japanese voice acting by famous voice actors. ◆Various Giveaways and Events We are proud to offer users fabulous items as part of our RPG release celebration just by logging in every day! Also, with a special collaboration event with the original Moe! Ninja Girls and the release of Season 2 just around the corner, Moe! Ninja Girls RPG is packed with fun events that will leave users begging for more! ■We've got something for people of all tastes! ▶ Do you like a bit of naughtiness, anime, manga, and visual novels? This game is for you! ▶ Do you prefer RPGs, ccg, and gachas over puzzles? This game is for you! ▶ Do you like enjoying a story with a bit of ero with sexy girlfriends? This game is for you! It's all here in Moe! Ninja Girls RPG!" ■ The Official SNS - Please Follow! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: This app is compatible with: iOS 10.0 or later For best results, we recommend playing this app with: 1. An internet connection with a download speed of 2 Mbps 2. A device with more than 2 GB RAM: -iPhone 6s (2015) or newer -iPhone 6s plus (2015) or newer -iPad Air 2 (2014) or newer -iPad mini 4 (2014) or newer

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