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After one year in the making, through unremitting effort in improving the graphic and gameplay, this leisure strategy mobile game “Elora’s Raid”, that is specially designed for idle game lovers, is finally out! Elora’s Raid, a Japanese-Western mash-up, is a battle arena card game filled with anime-styled characters. Every character in this game is elaborately created. Flamboyant effects and ultimate weapons are guaranteed to have you hooked! This game has adopted an elemental system that consists of elements that reinforce and restrain each other. There are hundreds of gods with unique skills in this game. When you evolve them, a new skill or other elemental attribute will be acquired. You can mix and match the elves and relics freely to create an ultimately powerful troop to embark on a journey of adventure. Are you ready to embrace this brand new adventure? This is going to be the one you don’t want to miss! Game Features [Aesthetic Character Drawing] Exquisite graphics paired with beautiful characters and creative battle scene bring an immersive and adrenaline-pumping battle to you. [Unique Battle, Free Combination] The battle is always full of variety and change. The more you play, the more things you are going to find out in this game. [Various PVE and PVP Gameplay] Plunge into various challenge and arena to show your power and collect abundant rewards. Who will the Goddess of Victory smile upon? [Call out for Your Friends, Unity is Strength] You can chat with your friends anytime and anywhere through regional, cross-server and world channels. Exchange Friendship Point with your friends and summon heroes with the points. You can also summon a hero of your friend to help you. [Lavish Benefits, Earn EXP while You Sleep] Just by logging in the game for half an hour, you can complete all daily quests and gain enormous resource! [Summon System, A Contract with Goddess of Luck ] You can summon a 5-star Hero through Summon Pool. Will the Goddess of Luck smile at you today? 
[No More Numbers Game, It’s All about Tactics] With six types of formations and hundreds of heroes, you can create unlimited combat combination. The heroes and the skills they use mutually reinforce and counteract each other. Build any combination you can imagine by freely mixing the heroes. The only limit is your creativity. [Exciting Dungeons and Menacing Challenge] You are going to start a game with uniquely-designed maze-like map as well as captivating and menacing dungeons in it that you just can’t stop playing. With the companion of Elora, you are no longer alone. Bring along your favorite partner and complete the quest together!! Let's play with Elora's Raid~! You won't find another free TCG like it!

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