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The《Ulala: Idle Adventure》× Hello Kitty Crossover is already online! Daniel got lost while wandering through the gorgeous lands of Ulala, quickly team up with Kitty to help her find Daniel! ※ Crossover Event Period:July 20, 2020-August 18, 2020 1. 'Looking for Daniel' Quest ※ Daniel got lost while exploring the beautiful lands of Ulala! During the event period, click the 'Looking for Daniel' button to accept this series of quests, and team up with Kitty on a set of new adventures! ※ Stage difficulty will automatically be adjusted base on players' level. The Unified Strength buff will also be available. ※ Completing quests will award players with “Bowties”, which can be traded for limited event rewards in the event's special store, including a time limited costume! 2. Crossover Costume - Hello Kitty Costume Series ※ The Magical Costume Store will be releasing a time limited series of Hello Kitty themed costumes. Catch them while you can, and become as cute as Kitty herself! 3. 'Special Request' Event ※ Kitty wants to bring back some some of Ulala’s gourmet specialties. She’s counting on adventurers to help her out! 4. 《Ulala: Idle Adventure》× Hello Kitty Crossover Check-In Event ※ During the event period, there will be a series of rewards for daily game logins, including special time limited rewards! 5. Group Purchase Event ※ A series of super valuable giftpacks will be added to the group purchase store. Come see if anything catches your eye! 6. Collectible Item:Thank You Letter ※A warm and heartfelt letter from Hello Kitty, thanking players for their bravery and kindness during their adventures together! 7. Adventurers' Weekly: Hello Kitty Edition ※ Daniel's disappearance has come to the attention of everyone in the lands of Ulala. Stay tuned to the Adventurers' Weekly for any clues as to where he may be!f

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