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If you like "Quite clever", you'll love "Twice as clever". Whether you're a highscore hunter with hundreds of played games or just have played a few occasional games, "Twice as clever" offers you new and exciting challenges to master. Of course, there are five new dice categories and bonuses, which make it tricky to find the best moves. Plus, there's the new Return-Action, which gives you all-new options to score even better! Finally, you can use dice that land on a silver platter again! And that's not all: If you choose the silver dice, you not only use it, but also all the smaller dice that would normally land on the silver platter. You see: Countless new possibilities and 18 exciting new achievements are waiting to be discovered by you. Don't just be "Quite clever", be "Twice as clever". World exclusive you can also try your hand at the "Challenge 2" in the app. A new challenge that offers an exciting new gaming experience with small but subtle changes to the tableau without having to familiarize yourself with large rule changes. You can get "Challenge 2" as inApp purchase.

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