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Emperor and Beauties is a Palace Simulation RPG in which you get to experience the life of an official heading for the Emperor in ancient China. Recruit talent Retainers. Deal with daily government affairs. Start a romantic relationship with Beauties. Cultivate Offspring. Prepare for war with Military strategy. End up on the throne. Key Features: [On the Throne] – Experience the life of an emperor governing an empire! [Recruit Retainers] – As you develop, more and more Retainers will be attracted by you with your wisdom. They will follow you and help you build your empire. [Assemble Beauties] – Encounter Beauties and develop romantic relationships with them. [Raise Children] – Raise your children and witness their growth from childbirth to adult! [PvP Arena] – Dispatch your Retainers to fight against other players’ worldwide! [Guild War] – A fierce battle requires team work with Military Strategy! [Various Appearance] – Various Retainers Skins, Beauty Skins, Character Skins and special Titles for you to choose. Please join the Emperor and Beauties club and share your game experience with others. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/com.heyyogame.gden/ Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1943936972334565/

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