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Can you become the best footy player in the world? Football Superstar focuses on character development rather than quick reflexes. You start the game as a 14 year old kid looking for their first professional contract and play until you retire. What happens in-between is up to you! As you gain experience, you can upgrade abilities that suit your position and playing style. Perhaps you focus on speed, dribbling and crossing to become a world class winger or maybe you target strength, tackling and heading to become a defensive powerhouse? Inevitability, as your reputation improves, bigger and better clubs will attempt to sign you. Do you stay loyal to your current club or move to pastures new? Do you move for money or sign for your favourite club? It’s up to you... One thing is for sure, you’ll need help. Hire agents, coaches and various other people to help you become more than just a player. Invest in property or businesses to make extra cash or get a stylist to make you more marketable opening the door to various endorsement deals. Can you become the Football Superstar you know you can be? Prove it…

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